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Highlight Key-points of Your Review Portfolios Performance

Measure the quality and quantity of your online reviews

Report on key review portfolio metrics. Track every facet of your review management strategy, from review generation email and SMS campaigns, to monitor the effectiveness of your review funnel!

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Reputation Quantity and Quality Metrics

Track your review portfolio from a high-level view. Always know the aggregates quantity and quality of your review listings across all of the sites that you’re monitoring and growing.

Total number of reviews
Overall average rating
Ratings distribution by number of stars

Time Frame Customized Review Distribution and Volume

Quickly generate at-a-glance review activity for specific time frames to see how your aggregate ratings and review generating efforts are impacted by campaigns and company-wide review acquisition initiatives.

Time frame specific average rating
New reviews by rating
Change in review volume
New reviews by site
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Review Funnel

Optimize your review funnel with granular reporting for both direct and segmented layouts with visits, positive and negative feedback rate, click-throughs to review sites, and review generation metrics.

Visual click through review funnel
Positive feedback rate
Customers recovered by feedback form

Campaign Activities

Track the success of your email drip campaigns with a visual report of your outreach, open rate, visitors, and, click-through rate to the 3rd party review site.

Campaign outreach and response
Click through by destination
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Outreach Activity

Evaluate your email and SMS review request campaigns by date and success rate.

Campaigns sent

Interactive Sentiment Analysis and Word Clouds

Make informed decisions about your company’s service or products based on the sentiment of happy and unhappy customers. Surface trends and business insights from the content being written in positive and negative reviews by your customers.

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