Wondering How ReviewFlo Works?

Simplfiying Review Generation


Review Request

Generating a Focused Review Request Campaign is the essential first step to increasing the quantity & quality of your company's online reviews!


Funnel & Platform Choice

Guiding your customers through the review process makes it easier for them to share their helpful experiences with your future customers!


Simplified Review Submission

Making review submission simple & easy by taking them directly to the review platform they choose raises your chances of gaining their feedback!

Review Generation

Get more Reviews with the Review Generation Funnel.

Our core product is what we call a “review funnel”—a landing page designed to remove friction from writing great reviews about your client’s business.

Send emails & text messages to ask for reviews
Customers are guided to write a review from an easy-to-use review funnel
You provide customers with multiple review site options
More reviews from happy customers

Get a FREE Feedback Report!

Get a FREE Feedback Report!

Review Monitoring

Get Email alerts whenever you get a new review online.

It’s critical that you and your team know when you’ve received a new online review. Make sure your team gets notified by email.

Set up online review email alerts for you & your company
Monitor over 100+ Industry-specific review sites
Easily respond to positive & negative reviews on time

Review Marketing

Share your best reviews on your website & social media

Your customers reviews provide some of the best marketing copy that you can use

Share your 4-5 Star reviews on your website
Automatically post your great reviews to Facebook & Twitter

Get a FREE Feedback Report!

Get a FREE Feedback Report!

Review Reporting

Track your reviews & measure your growth & ratings

Make sure that your review request campaigns are driving new reviews and that your review performance is improving across all of your most important review sites.

Receive daily, weekly & monthly review reports
Review filters that capture review management information that matters to you

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